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Default Re: Conditional Injury (Pyramid #120) thoughts

Originally Posted by dataweaver View Post
Another possibility is to ditch the damage roll entirely, including any sort of “now roll dice to adjust the effective Wound Potential of an attack”, and instead base that adjustment on the margin of success: say, succeed by zero or one, reduce effective Wound Potential by 3; succeed by two, reduce it by 2; succeed by three, reduce it by 1; succeed by four or more, don't reduce it.
I normally use tBone's grazes rule, where an attack made by zero (or a defense failed by one) halves damage. In this system, that would be equivalent to subtracting two from the Wound Potential.

I've now got a ST table I intend to use with this, but it also borrows heavily from my version of the Know Your Own Strength rule, so it shares almost nothing with the vanilla table. The game I intend to test this under is a western, so unless they run afoul of a bear or something, damage should be either read from a firearm stat-line or from "normal human" levels of ST.
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