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Default Questions about fliers in combat

I've been playing combats with fliers and am not clear on some rules details. Curious if we can get an opinion from guy (or anyone).

1. Can a multi-hex flying figure "push" smaller figures the way others can? If so, is there any added risk or disadvantage?

2. Does a figure need to be disengaged in order to go from being on the ground to flying?

3. Can a figure with flying ability "Disengage" upwards to flying state out of reach of figures on the ground? (If so, can it do so from the ground, or does it need to be flying first?)

4. Can a flying figure move 1/2 flying MA and Dodge, getting both the -4 to hit fliers, and a 4/DX to hit for dodging?

5. If natural fliers are at -4 DX to attack figures on the ground with melee attacks, shouldn't the Flight spell give more than the -2 DX unfamiliarity penalty?

6. The rules say a flier can choose whether to be engaged by figures on the ground or not. If they do choose to do that, can they change their minds later? At which point in the sequence of play can they make that choice?

7. The dragonet rules say and attack on them is "at DX -4, or DX -8
for missile or thrown weapon attack." Is that in addition to the usual -4 to attack fliers?

My feeling tends to be:

1. The rules don't say, so I'd assume yes, but I can see logic arguments for no or for side-effects. I'd think they can't trample without landing.

2. The rules say it's a choice during the Movement phase. I'd tend to think it's a free choice at that point and engagement doesn't prevent it.

3. I would think yes a flier can Disengage from grounded figures upwards, as an action. I would tend to allow it even to figures on the ground, but could see ruling either way.

4. I think fliers can dodge. If they're huge, just apply to usual size modifier.

5. I think the Flight spell was written before the AM flying rules and is wrong. I tend to think Flight spell users should have at least as hard a time doing melee attacks as natural fliers, so that would be: -2 to cast spells, -6 to attack anyone with physical attacks (or spells which are targeted like them, such as missile spells or arcane staff attacks). Presumably there might by a Talent for flight familiarity which could raise that by 2.

6. I'd tend to think so, and that the choice would happen during the flier's movement phase each turn. So a flying figure engaged by ground figures could declare itself not engaged during its next movement phase.

7. I don't know. I think either it means Dragonets are normal -4 to hit with melee while fling, and an additional -4 to hit with missiles while flying, OR it's an additional -4 and -8 to hit flying dragonets while flying, for a total -8 with melee attacks or -12 while flying.
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