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Default Re: Rewarding Skill Points

We don't give out points at the end of the game. We give them at the beginning of the following game. We game by-weekly and it helps to keep the game fresh in people's heads to review what happened in an XP payout.

It's very rare we don't award everyone 4 CP. We usually play with lower starting point characters with the plan to build up to competent heroes within 12 sessions. If you're running an epic length game I could certainly see why you'd award less points. If you're running a super-powered game I could understand why you'd award more.

We award a point for attending the game, even if you can't stay for the whole game.

We award a point if you can give an example of how your disadvantages or quirks caused a set-back for you in the previous game.

We ask two questions that are answered in-character. Sometimes they're individual questions, sometimes they're group questions. They may have to do with the plot of the game like "You've just endured a tedious journey across the sea of stars, if you had to make the trip again name one thing you'd bring to make the journey more pleasant.", or events in the previous session "Now that you've established the innocence of Officer Morales, as a group, where does that lead your investigation?", or they could just be conceptual questions about how your character thinks "Does your character believe in a 'hell' and who goes there?". There are no wrong answers but often the GM will ask qualifying questions to get a more right answer. Each question is worth a point.
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