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To convert this to 4e damage, you can use the following formula...

4e damage = 6 x square root (3e damage/6)

So, 6d x 15 cr ex for one gallon converts to about 6d x 4 cr ex.

Assuming 10 gallons in the tank, you would have 6d x 150 in 3e damage, converting to about 6d x 13 in 4e damage. The blast from the C4 will just be combined with this, or maybe it would push the damage up to 6d x 14 or 6d x 15, but if you've ignited 10 gallons of gasoline, you've got a pretty fierce explosion to worry about.

Using the rules in Basic Set, pp. 414-415, the blast could injure people to a radius of about 25-30 yards.

But the real damage from a car bomb will is likely to be caused by fragments...we're probably talking about 10d cutting damage here, and that will extend 50 yards out from the blast. The odds of being hit at 40 or 50 yards are low; however, if you are hit, you're in serious trouble.

I hope this helps.


Originally Posted by Molokh
According to VE184, gasoline explodes for 6d15 damage per gallon, hydrogen for 6d10 per gallon, rocket fuel for 6d25 per gallon. I hope you're using a mundane car, not a rocket-fitted batmobile. :)
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