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Default Re: Munchkiny starting characters

I did a solitaire Death Test run with the hcobb Charlie-Delta-Indy-Jones team below. Our group seems to want to wait for hardcopy before adopting the new rules, so this was a chance for me to get to better grips with them.

Charlie & Delta -- the originals
ST 12 DX 11 IQ 9 MA 10
Broadsword(2d), Lt Crossbow(2d), 60 Quarrels, Small shield(1), Dagger(1d-1)
Sword(2), Crossbow(1), Missile Weapons(3), Shield(1), Toughness(2)

Indy & Jones -- modified from the MNSH thread
ST 9 DX 12 IQ 11 MA 12
ready weapons: javelin (1d), whip (various!)
secondary: another javelin, dagger
Pole weapons (2), Pole weapon expertise (3), running (2), tactics (1), two weapons (2), whip(1)

The strategy began as hcobb's original, Indy and Jones to engage, Charlie and Delta to drop prone and fire. It changed somewhat as time went on due to all the options the whips offered.

1. Defending. I played it according to a "conservative" view from Advanced Melee. That is, a figure who moved only 1 hex could select Defend as an option. This meant Indy & Jones could not "charge Defend" (forcing 5D/adjDX to hit). BUT.. I had missed this, Two Weapons now makes you harder to hit (as well as parrying damage) when you parry with both weapons. I thought it was reasonable to allow parrying with a whip in this way, like you use a cloak defensively in GURPS, perhaps. This meant Indy and Jones could move 1/2 MA, select double parry, and still require defenders to roll 4D/adjDX to hit. This tactic was very useful.

2. Initiative and tied adjDX. This came up way more than I expected. Tactics skill was immense. For example, it meant that I knew ahead of time both prone crossbowman could fire before the adjacent bear could attack one of them.

3. Whips. The whips felt more fun than broken to me. The combination of two potential attacks, javelin charge attacks, potential shrewd attacks, and whip/lasso effects meant a boggling number of options for Indy and Jones. Enemies were in a real state because the range of the whip + MA 12 + TACTICS initiative meant Indy & Jones could usually get a safe initial knock-down attempt. The reasons they didn't feel broken: DX12 misses enough. 2, the minimum rnage of 3 hexes makes things difficult. 3, the rooms in DT didn't lend themselves to having eg Indy expertly defending while Jones stands behind with the whip, at least I couldn't get that to happen. Too many enemies and space. But there are so many options here, maybe a really powerful strategy is lurking. I think once Indy & Jones get to 36pts or so, things will get broken and munchkiny.

4. Standing up rule. The new standing up action occurs after all other combat actions. So knocked down fighters often suffered almost two full turns of attacks while down. Nothing surpring there, knock-down is even more important now.

Everyone survived, although Charlie and Jones took damage. I went through all the rooms, and there were probably three times I was worried someone was going to die (usually Jones). But only rarely did the battles feel routine and too easy, nearly always required some careful planning.
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