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Originally Posted by Plane View Post
Would anyone be interested in a "combat only" back and forth, more roll-playing than role-playing, where simple pregenerated templates are opposed together for testing out combat rules?

For example at there are a variety of "Arthur Green" and "Zach Red" pregens already statted out (if Mook doesn't mind), or we could use one of the NPC examples in the books, and basically just duke it out until someone goes down.

I'm hoping something like this would be okay for a play-by-post format. I wouldn't be awarding character points or anything, it's just for the fun of testing out techniques, perhaps raising questions with different encounters, throwing in new rules from new books as they occur, etc.

If anyone's interested I could call it "A Challenger Appears" and it would be 1 on 1 initially, perhaps with the survivor being attacked by any new arrivals, in an unending battle where people are just teleported in.

Yes, I'm very much interested in this sort of play at the moment. I've got a very similar game on rpol. You are welcome to join us there, or I'm willing to join a similar game here. I'm loathe to pull traffic away from this poor little forum, but its just such a great match.
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