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Default Re: Hall of Judgment for the DFRPG: Now LIVE!

I got more into reading some of the book last night than just reviewing it. It's pretty easy and fun to read, so I give it my vote for being user-friendly.

I think I got hooked reading the random encounters for the journey, and then that necessitated expanded interest.

There is some surprising, quirky stuff. Sharing a super-light spoiler, you may come across a lone trapper or adventurer in the wilderness. Out of some random reactions, one has him (or rather 'them;' okay still not used to everything progressive in our culture) getting inebriated on his own wine while hosting a meal for the party. That leads to him not tending his cooking properly. Then everybody has to resist getting nauseous for four hours that night. As Steve Jackson would say, ooookaaaaay. Let's hope there are no aggressive night stalkers eyeing the camp that night. ;-)

Since I have the Dragon Heresy RPG PDF in this same setting of Etera, I got interested in cross-referencing some of the locations to Hall of Judgement. I assume that Nordland is the equivalent of Torengar in Dragon Heresy. There were some off-map towns mentioned in Hall of Judgement that I was able to find on the expanded maps in Dragon Heresy. That may have been or still be a nice offering to make available a wider area map for reference for those without the full RPG.

Granted I haven't read everything, but the whereabouts of the town of Warding in the rumors is still of no precise location to me (not that it would affect the play though.)
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