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Default Re: Hall of Judgment for the DFRPG: Now LIVE!

I've read a fair bit now. Enjoying it immensely.

I'm struck by two things. First, the setting is rich and well-developed. It reminded me of cracking open the old World of Greyhawk gazetteer for the first time: intriguing adventure options on every page. I appreciate the notes on history, social structure, and religion. The deliciously extensive array of festivals was entirely over the top, in the best possible way so many fun options for bringing the setting to life.

Second, the book provides useful expansions to the DFRPG rules. I was expecting the excellent grappling rules, of course, but it has a lot more than that. It contains information on pack animals, dressing game, climate extremes, etc. Much of this might be available in other GURPS or DF volumes, but not as part of DFRPG.

Impressively good value. (And the paper is silky heaven.)
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