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Default Re: Problem loading a template + 1 other question.

Originally Posted by Giddoen
Well I am having a issue with GCA as well affter the latest updates I removed some of the data sets that load (the fantasy ones) and only want basic and interstellar as I am getting ready to run a space game. What happens is I lock up everytime I try to load a template, any template?

Any help would be great.
I can't seem to reproduce this, either, as I have no trouble loading any of the templates I tried in the Traveller: Interstellar Wars file.

Sometimes, for reasons I haven't yet figured out, deleting your GCA.INI file will help with some odd issues. So, I'd recommend you try that. The GCA.INI file is located in your GCA folder, and holds settings for GCA. You'll have to reset your Options after deleting it, but please try running GCA and adding some templates before doing that. Then, if you change some options and have this problem, try and remember which options you changed so we can track it down. Of course, if deleting the file doesn't help, it won't matter.

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