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Default Re: Missing Ritual Magic Spells?

Originally Posted by damedley
This is weird, but the Magic gdf file seems to overwrite the Variant - Ritual Magic file with regards to spells. In addition, when you select only Characters and Ritual, only the spells that were present in Characters show up BUT they are techniques, as they should be! Fantasy seems to behave in the same "no overwrite" manner as Magic.
It sounds like you're loading them in the wrong order. If you want Variant - Ritual Magic to supersede Magic, then you have to load it after Magic.

Like so: (I tested it, just to make sure, and it works for me)
GURPS Basic Set 4th Ed.--Characters.gdf
GURPS Magic 4e.gdf
Variant Basic Set 4e - Ritual Magic.gdf

If you are loading them in the correct order and it's still doing that to you, then I haven't the foggiest idea why. Sorry.
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