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Default Re: Problem loading a template + 1 other question.

Originally Posted by LostPassWord
I have a problem with loading the western dragon templates. Every time I try to load one, I get an error:

Run-time error '5':
Invalid procedure call or agrument

Is there anyway to fix this?
Hmm, they work fine for me. Are you using GCA v4.0.289 and the 21MAR2006 data update from the GCA update page?

Originally Posted by LostPassWord
Also, how does one change the size modifier?
If you merely want to be much smaller or larger for your race, use either the Dwarfism or Gigantism disadvantages.

If you need to change it because your race is much smaller or larger than something roughly human sized, then you can change it directly from either the Attributes tab or the Quick View tab.

If you need to do both, set it manually to whatever your race's default SM is first and then add whichever disadvantage you need.
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