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Originally Posted by schoon View Post
First let me say that projecting current military theories into the OGRE-verse is sketchy at best.

That said, Isreal's reliance on armored units and tendency to be an early adopter of military tech would make me think they'd be among the first.
OK well first off were debating a game that came out of deep late Cold War 1 thinking. Something that based on what Steve Jackson has written regarding his design ideas was definitely projecting what was current into the future as to what could be.

But that said my objection isn't technological its cultural. Every culture has its own ways of war after all. Essentially something that both Jewish and Arabic Muslim culture share is that the idea of a golem/djinn is a cautionary tale that the either the mindless automaton or the self aware non human entity when tasked to defend always goes beyond its mission parameters in unexpected and destructive ways.

Given that even before its formal development as an army of a state, the IDF has made use of a rabbinic advisory council on laws of war and related matters, such a unit would require a complete change of operational doctrine to the point of a culture shift.

That said I do agree on the point about armor and miltech but suspect that would manifest in game as variants of existing in game units or new non autonomous armor units.
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