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Default Re: 4th Edition Vehicles

Originally Posted by David L Pulver View Post

Please note, however, that at the moment while SJ Games have the Vehicle Design manuscript they haven't really had time to digest it yet. It is premature to speculate on when and in what form the actual book may appear.
Quoted and emphasized, because:
  1. The manuscript is very, very long.

  2. The manuscript is very, very complex, full of tables and formulas to check, edit, and lay out.

  3. We presently have just one editor for all of GURPS: me! PK has a full-time writing project, Steven has Pyramid to edit and all the projects to manage, and Nikki has all the projects to lay out. Nobody else at SJ Games works on GURPS.

  4. This project has a long history that includes significant resources having been expended on an earlier edit that didn't work out, so affording an edit of this length and complexity on current in-house or freelance editorial budgets is a phenomenal headache.
Sooo . . .

I'd really appreciate the GURPS community's complicity in not spreading rumors like "The final draft is in, so we should see the book any month now!" For a manuscript of this length and complexity, just having the final draft barely brings us to the halfway mark even when we can drop it directly into editing . . . which we cannot in this case. I know that's disappointing, but I'd rather a little short, sharp, but honest disappointment up front than a lot of broken promises that drag out into months or years of disappointment.
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