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Default Re: Alternative Traveller Setting Ideas

500 Worlds
Description: This setting takes the Charted Space 128+ sector setting with the Third Imperium, and shrink’s it down to a single sector with ~500 systems. The large powers are proportionally reduced. So the Third Imperium has about 140 worlds scatters over 4+ subsectors. Vargr are scattered among about 40 worlds across two subsectors, while the Zhodani, Aslan, K’Kree, and Hivers each have about 27+/-3 systems, each in a single subsector (or a little more), and the Solomani have about 20 systems. The smaller powers are not reduced proportionally, so gain in importance. For example the Sword Worlders have 12 systems, and the Darrians 6 systems. There are also 6 Droyne worlds scattered about, and 8 worlds with Chirpers.

The reason for this smaller setting is to bring things together, and make some of the smaller interesting groups more important. It makes it easier for Players to become familiar with all the important worlds, and feasible to visit them. For example, it is much more likely that a Traveller will run into a trade group of Hivers and Zhodani in the same campaign, and maybe visit both groups capital world. The timeline will also need to be compressed.
Adventure Themes: This has the standard Third Imperium themes, but Exploration becomes more feasible.
Races: All the Traveller races and human variants are present.
Technology: Keep the Traveller Charted Space defaults for the most part.
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