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Default Re: Alternative infantry Units

Originally Posted by TheAmishStig View Post
The math sucked, the overall balance sucked, the 'Dx3 vs Dx1' balance sucked, the VP cost was way too high or way too low, it was a litany of annoying case rules, or any combination of the above.
Just to be clear: Do you mean that you compared (say) a 6/6 MHWZ that could attack armor & infantry with normal terrain benefits versus a 6*/6 MHWZ that can only attack infantry (but that infantry receives no defense bonus for terrain)? And found it sucked?? Because the 6*/6 version was too powerful or too weak? I'm interested -- my gut says they're of roughly equal value, but haven't play-tested. I'd really like to know what you found. Can you elaborate?

[P.S.: I use a * star as short-hand for AP-only. E.g.: an Ogre-AP guns I list as 1*/1 D1 ].

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