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Default Re: What's the point of dual wielding?

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
Before I get too persnickety, I recognize that the use case I'm about to describe was pretty limited.

that being said: I had cause recently to make an historically accurate (ish) buckler-grip shield. It was 34" in diameter (half my height), made of aspen, with an oak handle, steel boss, and deer-hide edging, plus linen thread stitching the edging to the wood.

It weighed 5.4 lbs.

It would definitely not fare well against a great-axe (this is what was also observed historically) or a great-ogre. But the way it's used was not like I thought.

Certainly shields could be, and were, heavier. But a DB +2 shield is absolutely possible and plausible in the 4.5-6lb range. DR will be fairly low; the HT of the shield will be higher than you think: it's usually made of rived (the axe version of rift sawing) wood that has very good grain coherency and robustness.

Anyway, I recall that using Low-Tech one can apply Light and other mods to stuff, but it should be possible to have a lightweight DB +2 shield that weighs less than 6 lbs.
Given that shields in DF don't have DR, at least not in combat applications, I don't know that this is useful information for DFRPG, at least RAW. That said, I'd probably allow someone a lightweight shield, so long as they understood it would break like a regular melee weapon if used to block something heavy
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