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Another idea, this one taken from the books: Kobal plays his Ultimate Joke: he Redemnes, and drags Haagenti along with him, leaving Hell in total chaos. They submitted themselves to Heaven, showing perfect remorse. The Host, while understandably suspicious, weren't going to reject the first ever Demon Prince to Redeem, especially suicide every means they had of determined such showed they were sincere. After much debate, they were brought into alignment with the Symphony. Haagenti as a Servitor, Angel of Enthusiasm. Kobal...He came out not a Servitor but, by some Divine Providence, an Archangel. Archangel of Laughter. There was an immediate shake-up in both Heaven and Hell. Shal-Mari now had only one Prince remaining, although some of Kobal and Haagenti's former territory is instead taken by Nybass, and added into Perdition. While some of Kobal and Haagenti's Servitors Redeem along with them, most go to Andre, Nybass, or Mammon for new work. Asmodeus becomes, if possible, even more paranoid than he already was. Malphas just keeps on grinning, and slots very neatly into the new power dynamics, so much so that one might think he saw it coming...Anyway. Mammon finally gets promoted to Major Prince, as he takes a large chunk of the Tethers and Servitors that used to be Haagneti's. Some new Minor Princes emerge, including the 2nd Demon Prince, or, in this case, Princess, to hold the Word of Sloth, and the Demon Prince of Pollution, both of them former Servitors of Haggnetti. Up in Heaven, the Peace Faction gets a big boost from the new hires. Dominic is increasingly busy with the slow trickle of Redeemed Servitors. Haagenti is employed by Kobal. A few years later, The Redeemed prove their usefulness: Due to a plan, masterminded by the two, Saminga, Prince Of Death, is killed. He goes down fighting, and even manages to deal David a near-fatal blow, weakening him considerably. Still, he is dead. Without Kobal or Hagnetti, he had no supporters left. Within the next decade, Kobal and Hagnetti prove invaluable to the Heavenly cause and the tide of The War starts turning. Thing are going odd indeed, and everyone's waiting for the other shoe to drop. It is in this atmosphere that Eli returns to Heaven, and he has something. Something big which could kill a very particular Demon Prince, and end The War, for better or for worse...
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