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Default Re: Difficult monsters

Of course Hell Gnomes need a few changes from regular gnomes:
Hell Gnome
Racial Cost: 20 points

Hell Gnomes superficially resemble their hill-dwelling cousins but differ in several important respects. They're uniformly unpleasant (if not actually evil) and utterly mercenary, selling traps and curses to anyone who can afford them, without regard for what those things might be used for. They just about always live deep underground, and are chummy with the fabled shadow elves and perhaps even certain Elder Things. And they are to the last gnome mages, though they rarely cast combat spells, preferring instead to work on slow, long-term enchantments such as Evil Runes.
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: SM ‑1; FP+3 [9]; Basic Move-1 [‑5].
Advantages: Magery 0 [5]; Night Vision 6 [6]; Resistant to Poison 5 [5]; Troublemaker* 4 [20].
Disadvantages: Callous [-5]; Greed (12) [‑15].
Features: Armor interchangeable only with that of SM ‑1 races.
Special Hell Gnome Traits

Magery 0: If you're a wizard, this overlaps Magery and you can spend the 5 points on other professional advantages. If you belong to another profession, you can sense mana and magic items. You can also learn (and cast!) wizardly spells that don't require Magery 1+, if you meet the spells' other prerequisites – but you'll need to find a teacher in play. If you're a bard, cleric, or druid, list spells learned through Magery 0 separately, as they obey the rules for wizards, not your profession; e.g., a Hell Gnome who learned Silence as a wizard would get no Bardic Talent bonus but wouldn't need to sing to cast it.

Troublemaker: You are a master of creating things that hurt people: curses, dangerous architecture, poisons, traps, and so on. Add +1 per level to the Alchemy, Hazardous Materials, Poisons, Thaumatology, and Traps skills. Also add +1 per level to the damage inflicted by your traps, including magical ones such as alchemical gunk and Evil Runes. All Hell Gnomes are born with the maximum level of this trait but may also learn up to four levels of the Widget-Worker trait of regular gnomes, for 5 points/level!
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