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Default Cleaning DLP Mini prints

I've ordered my first DLP 3d printer. I've been impressed with their ability to print minis so, that's my purpose. I love my FDM printers, but, they lack the ability to have really fine detail. They're great for terrain and vehicles, but awful for actual minis.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the post-printing process on resin (DLP/SLA) printers?

I'm going to build a UV oven with some 395-405nm UV light strips to finish the curing process (thank you ravers and night fishers for making those main stream enough to get on Amazon). I was wondering if anyone had any advice about cleaning the prints?

I've heard some people use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, with isopropyl alcohol to clean their prints, and was wondering if the jewelry cleaners were able to handle the alcohol, or if I'd be burning through them as fast as resin?
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