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Default Re: WTS: Munchkin sets, expansions

List of sets, expansions, and boosters available.
Super munchkin
The good, the bad, and the munchkin
Star munchkin
Munchkin bites
Munchkin impossible
Munchkin Conan
Munchkin apocalypse
Munchkin holiday surprise
Cthulhu dungeons
Munchkin 1-8
Super munchkin 1 & 2
Zombies 1 & 2
Munchkin fu 1 & 2
Star munchkin 1 & 2
Booty 1 & 2
Honestly not 100% sure what I have. I have a lot though.

Also have axe cop coin x 2, munchkin fairy dust, munchkin quest lab/tavern, munchkin impossible bookmark of her majesty’s secret circus
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