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Originally Posted by ladyarcana55 View Post
Sunae looks at the dog in surprise.

It can't be...

But it has to be. He looks a bit different but it can be only one entity. Black Shuck. She had grown quite attached to him even though he is supposed to be nothing more but a myth, a ghost, maybe even a bringer of death and bad luck. Sunae hugs him and scratches his neck and side.

"Shuck!" she whispers to him, "Why are you here? I hope you're not bringing me bad omens. But if you are, that's okay. I still love you. I've missed you so much."

Her joy is sincere and palpable. It's a side of her people don't often get to see.
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Shuck accepts his due of attention then lays his head on Sunae's foot. "That shoe is ruined," Kyle observes wryly. Shuck throws him the evil eye, not deigning the cherub worthy of a growl.

"I wonder how much is left of Glen's front door." Ryuki is comfortable enough with the giant hound but he does not try to touch him. "He's not necessarily an omen. He protects women from highwaymen, and needs lots of space to roam. Yeah, Glen's place has got to be trashed, or Glen will be showing up in a minute with an empty leash and drag marks. Which reminds me," he pivots to Mitch, "are there any guidelines for submitting an expense report to 'IHS'? And who do I send it in to?"
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