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My most well-received In Nomine campaign was set in a world in which angels disappeared from Earth completely hundreds of years ago, immediately after the Purity Crusade. The PCs didn't know why (and the players weren't familiar enough with In Nomine lore to really care, so I didn't bother sharing), but in that setting, not only was Uriel recalled to the higher Heavens, ALL angels were recalled to Heaven, and all passages into the Marches were sealed. Human souls went in, but nobody came out.

I still wanted the PCs to be "the good guys," so PC options were limited to renegade demons, ethereals, and six-force humans. The PCs were all associated with an NPC patron who, for reasons unknown to them, kept The Game at a distance. (We didn't play long enough to establish this, but Hell was convinced that this patron was the only angel left on Earth, and an extremely powerful and unpredictable one.)

Demons still stayed under the radar on Earth out of fear that Heaven knew something they didn't know, concern that humans could feasibly rise against Hell if they knew the truth, and general in-fighting between demonic factions.

The first campaign saw "Lefty" (a.k.a. "Val Leffe IV," a.k.a. any number of other thinly veiled pseudonyms for the Prince of Theft) hire them to steal The Sword of Purity, a relic left behind by Lawrence for a bunch of Soldiers trying to carry on Uriel's work to this day. The team guessed that Lefty was well aware that having a demon steal this relic would taint it, turning it into a Sword of Oblivion, which in turn led to the return of Mariel, Princess of Oblivion not destroyed, but in Limbo all this time! who referred to Lucifer as "My love...?" moments before he destroyed her.

The second campaign was meant to be about how the PCs unwittingly helped Valefor to expose the truth about Lucifer, who had been killed years ago, while Gebbeleth, first Prince of Secrets, took his place.
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