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Originally Posted by tHEhERETIC View Post
This convivial meeting is interrupted by a large black dog letting itself in the front door. Larry the owner asks aloud, "Is this anybody's dog? You have to take...him..." but he stops when he gets a good look at the animal. He's nearly the size of a horse, trails a trail of mist behind him, and has singularly horrible breath. He walks up to your table, sniffs around you, and decides to park by your feet.
Sunae looks at the dog in surprise.

It can't be...

But it has to be. He looks a bit different but it can be only one entity. Black Shuck. She had grown quite attached to him even though he is supposed to be nothing more but a myth, a ghost, maybe even a bringer of death and bad luck. Sunae hugs him and scratches his neck and side.

"Shuck!" she whispers to him, "Why are you here? I hope you're not bringing me bad omens. But if you are, that's okay. I still love you. I've missed you so much."

Her joy is sincere and palpable. It's a side of her people don't often get to see.

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