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Default Jade Serenity Soundtrack

This thread felt like an appropriate place to share the links to the Spotify playlists that I've been using in our Jade Serenity campaign, which started a year ago with Jade Serenity Season 1: Project Jade Serenity.

There is one playlist filled with theme music for actual play for our first Season, set in the fictional Manhanock Asylum for the Criminally Insane, on the real Jewell Island outside Portland, Maine. This playlist is entitled, not very innovately, Project Jade Serenity (Copy Spotify URL).

My character, Mazkenzie Chase Taylor, former US Army Special Forces, currently incarcerated in USDB Ft. Leaveworth serving a 30 year sentence for murder, has one playlist of songs that all have some relevance to his background, taste or history. Chase Taylor's Choice (Copy Spotify URL). No points for guessing that he's Southern, but with a bit of detective work (or noticing a certain theme), one might even narrow his homeplace down to the specific state.

Dr. Michael Anderson, psychiatrist, medical researcher, stage magician, horror writer and dreamweaver, also received a themed playlist. For reasons that should be obvious to any reader of Project Jade Serenity, his is titled 'Dreams' (Copy Spotify URL).

Season 1 ran its merry course and I'm just finishing up the write-up of session recaps / narrative history of the events on Jewell Island on these very forums.

We have, in fact, begun Jade Serenity Season 2: Once Upon a Time in Mexico, although I have not yet opened up the campaign write-up thread that this deserves. My excuse is not having finished the last one and the hiatus that the campaign has been on while one player made several trips abroad for work and the GM made a series of life-altering changes, personal and professional.

There is already a Spotify playlist for Jade Serenity: Once Upon a Time in Mexico (Copy Spotify URL).

What I'm looking for is; a) Putting these somewhere those interested in the Jade Serenity campaign can access them, if they use Spotify, and b) Solicit suggestions for changes and improvements in the playlists, especially those with relevance to future play sessions.

So, can anyone suggest songs that would be especially appropriate for background during Jade Serenity play?

Or that suit some character from the campaign as theme music or leitmotif? Songs that might be favourites for certain PCs or NPCs?

Did anything that happened during Season 1 put anyone in mind of specific music?

Or is anyone hoping/anticipating that something will happen during Season 2 that calls for a certain soundtrack?
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