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Default Re: Affliction Levels, proposed house rule

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
I'm not sure about that, actually. Right now, the biggest inflator of Affliction costs is that darned leveled construction to make it harder to resist. If you make "Hard to Resist" a cheaper enhancement (bringing it in line with the Resistible limitation would suggest that +1 to resist would be +5% or +10%), then you might well manage many Afflictions for fairly close to their existing prices.
Agreed on that leveled reduction bit, and its the biggest complaint I hear about Affliction. Almost never see anyone take more than one level.
That is the bit I'm hoping to change here.
The +10% enhancement your suggesting would mean 1 point per -1 to Resist, way too cheap.
I think 5 points is fair but 10 points I can live with. Its when enhancements bump it up, such as the 20 and 30 point range I have a real problem with the current setup.

Changing the per level cost as Anthony and others suggest can make a hard to resist stun Affliction too cheap (few or no enhancements) but say a Malediction based Daze too expensive and the player opting to raise Will instead.

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post

Offhand, I'd say that disadvantages could be worth half their base value as Afflictions, while advantages and attributes would have to be worth their full base value. Various irritating and incapcitating conditions would convert their enhancement value into point value by dividing by 10, so Coma, which is normally +250%, would work out at 25 points base cost. Some of the lower-level ones would have to be boosted, though - I don't think adding a stun affliction should be worth only 1 point!
Sorry, I dont understand how this addresses the leveled cost issue.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Depends on how you set the base cost.
Whether the cost per level is 1 or 20 changes when it is too cheap or too expensive to bother buying multiple levels of Affliction.
My problem with that is it makes figuring that out harder than I think it needs to be and I think there wil be a munchkinney sweatspot for say stun but no value in more powerful afflictions.
Another fix would be saying enhancements dont apply to the per level cost, but the +100% enhancement has the same effect and is closer to RAW.
At that point all we did was create a new enhancement.
Also its simple, set a fair cost, match the enhancement to that % and you always have the same cost regardless of any other enhancements.
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