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Default Re: Affliction Levels, proposed house rule

Originally Posted by Refplace View Post
Changing the base cost instead of enhancements for the effect, then applying enhancements for range, resistance, etc would very like;y increase costs overall and probably significantly.
I'm not sure about that, actually. Right now, the biggest inflator of Affliction costs is that darned leveled construction to make it harder to resist. If you make "Hard to Resist" a cheaper enhancement (bringing it in line with the Resistible limitation would suggest that +1 to resist would be +5% or +10%), then you might well manage many Afflictions for fairly close to their existing prices.

Offhand, I'd say that disadvantages could be worth half their base value as Afflictions, while advantages and attributes would have to be worth their full base value. Various irritating and incapcitating conditions would convert their enhancement value into point value by dividing by 10, so Coma, which is normally +250%, would work out at 25 points base cost. Some of the lower-level ones would have to be boosted, though - I don't think adding a stun affliction should be worth only 1 point!
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