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Default Affliction Levels, proposed house rule

Affliction hasnt been brought up in awhile but in the past various suggestions have been made regarding the extra level cost.
I have decided that changing that to 3 or 4 points as Kromm once suggested he would consider still has problems and the Transformation Attack option he also threw out to be too complicated.

So my proposal is a simple enhancement and I am looking for feedback.
+50% is the same value as Armor Divisor and Increasing Will for a Malediction based attack. It seems pretty fair to me on comparison.
+100% has the benefit of making extra levels to lower Resistance cost exactly the same as an unmodified Affliction (assuming normal not multiplicative modifiers). Keeping it the same might be good but compared to raising Will or dealing with DR it feels pretty pricey.
Regarding Malediction, lowering their Resistance IS better than raising your Will in some cases due to the Rule of 16.
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