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Default Hello, need some help on RAW

Hello. I’m new to these forums and need some help on the rules as written. I have searched the site, but could not find an answer.
The expansion I’m having issues with would be adventure time. I have a friend playing with us and he is trying to use the musicians ability to force played to help him in combat while he is the winning level. The card clearly states may not be used for the winning level, but he insists that he can use it at level 9 and forfeit his winning level but still take the treasure without any repercussions.

The second thing I needed help with is that one player was at level 8 fighting against Martin which grants 2 level upon death. Same player as stated above is saying the same thing. He can help kill the monster and they split the treasure, they just forfeit the levels.

These 2 instances seemed fishy to me so I made a house rule stating that it wasnt okay to do that. To be fair however, I would like to know what the ruling on that truly is. Thanks for your time.

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