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Default Re: In Nomine: the Pacific War (IC)

Originally Posted by tHEhERETIC View Post
((Weird. I thought that posted))

In your heads you hear a sound, a three-note drum riff that sounds a little like a computer notification noise. To the uninitiated, it's an inviting sound that wants you to open it up to chat.

To the rest of you, experienced in this, it is angel radio. The Disturbance confirms this.

((Nisroc could just break in, but a)this angel is more polite and less powerful and b) a certain character insists that Cameron absolutely must get a choice whether to be included.))
Cameron lowers her headphones around her neck at the strange sound. She's focused, ready to receive/send.

"Um, hello? Is this thing on?" She says aloud, but quietly. She's not sure how this whole thing works, but she knows she needs to get on it.
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