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Default Re: December 26, 2017: The Fantasy Trip Returns Home

Replying to queries from here and in the mail - I'll probably turn this post into an Illuminator at some point, to illuminate the non-forumites.

• Can you give us details on the TFT release schedule or the format of the new releases? No, because I don't know myself. We’ll probably do at least one Kickstarter – for Melee – in 2018. With miniatures! Lots of miniatures!

• What changes will you make in the new TFT releases? I want a fully modern presentation, but most of the rules are pretty good as they are. I might revisit the cost of spells, and I might make some changes in the character advancement rules. But I might just leave things alone.

• How did you get these rights back? Great patience . . . 17 US Code 203 requires a long wait.

• What does this mean for GURPS? Probably nothing; I have no intention of combining the systems. TFT is a much simpler system than GURPS, optimized for single sessions and dungeon crawls. They can co-exist on the store shelves and in your own collection.

• What about the TFT releases that you didn’t write? What about other Metagaming releases? I did not get any of those rights, or any other Metagaming rights, and I can’t tell you anything about their status.

• I detect a trend, with Ogre, Car Wars, Triplanetary, and now TFT. Do you have any other classic titles waiting for a modern reissue? It does seem that we’re going full retro here, doesn’t it? The answer to your question is “Maybe!”
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