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Default Re: Downloads shown too slowly

Originally Posted by Pomphis View Post
Apparently I have 535 downloads in my account. Right now I am waiting a couple of minutes for my download page to progress enough to show the latest pyramid for me to download it. This has been a problem for some time. Please find a way to show available downloads faster. Maybe a seperate page with only the 10 or so last ones ? The older ones will after all probably never be needed again, I have downloaded them and I have two seperate backups of my files, so both times I lost a harddrive I didn´t have to download from my account but used a backup. So for me to need them again I would have to lose my laptop and both backups at the same time, which is somewhat unlikely.
I'm sorry you're having trouble! Hopefully we can help. I have a few comments/questions:

1) I'm not sure why it's taking so long; I have 800+ entries on my download list, and it only takes a few seconds for the list to populate. (I'm also on a beefy desktop computer, so I might just be chugging through the situation.) If it's possible, can you check on a different browser, please?

2) I don't know if it's helpful, but at the top of the column are some headers ("Order Number," "Name," and "Download Links.") To the right of "Order Number" is an arrow. Clicking it sorts the list by order number, which might hopefully push the list to more-recent orders you're looking for.

3) There's also a Search box in the top-right corner. If you know what you're looking for you may be able to type it there and have it come up faster (for example, "pyramid #3/110").

(If I sound wishy-washy about the above, it's because I can't really test it, because — again — it's not a problem I'm seeing on my system since everything pops up really fast in my browser.)

Please let me know if any of the above helps, and we'll go from there!
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