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Default Re: Cars Wars 6E - What We Know - 1st Post will be updated over time

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the USA.

I would be extremely thankful for a PDF of the Car Wars 6E bits from Pyramid.
I'd even be thankful enough to spend $10 on it.

I'd also be thankful for any official scrap of news concerning 6E.

Currently most interested in...

An ETA of any sort. Even if it's a goal of a particular convention in 2018/2019.
(I only get to go to one convention each year, I would hate to find out that something major happened with Car Wars at Origins or GenCon and I chose the wrong convention. I'm planning to do nothing but CW 6E at whichever con it debuts at.)

A good idea of the max size (l,w,h) of cars and the size of cards for carry case / storage planning.
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