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Default Re: This cleric kills Evil.

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post

So the quirk is actually "Is a bit of a hypocrite"? How does she feel about looting chests and stuff?
There's nothing hypocritical going on. She's not breaking any laws or telling any lies or otherwise being skeevy. She's claiming the due she feels Evil owes her goddess, both in souls and in gold . . . Remember that in the DFRPG, all dwarves – including the most honest ones and including their gods – are greedy, greedy, greedy. But doubtless others might find her debt-collecting a bit worrisome, so there's cause for the GM to cause a little hassle for her on occasion.

As for looting chests: Of course that's fine. The loot of Evil belongs to Good anyway. But here's an example of how that quirk could bite her! While she's off saying sacrificial prayers and yanking fillings, her associates are cracking open chests and getting into the real treasure. :)
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