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Default Re: This cleric kills Evil.

I'll point out that a player who's good at convincing the GM to alter template assumptions and spell lists might be able to argue for replacing the 8 points in Diagnosis, Esoteric Medicine, First Aid, and Surgery with, say, 2 points in each of Armory, Leadership, Strategy, and Tactics, if there's no holy warrior whose toes would be stepped on by that – and for swapping Sunbolt for the slightly more dwarf-appropriate Stone Missile (I'm pretty sure the goddess of shield maidens would approve). Obvious short-term goals for this character would be metal armor and more ST for bashing things (and carrying that armor). But as she stands, she can make a mark on a battle in her own right, especially when she uses Holy Might to get +2 to +12 to ST and/or decides to spend a few FP on Might for another +1 to +5.
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