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Default Re: Scientist in the Star Wars galaxy RPG build

Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Actually it ought to be something with the potential to make the character a hunted person because only thus can you explain why it leaves its comfortable lab to get shot at. Now it could be something unexpected, like astrophysics research that could lead to a method for destabilizing suns.'s one with some adventure potential. You're studying hyperspace and managed to discover a method for plotting a safer course into parts of the galaxy that have historically been impenetrable barriers and have forced explorers to chart hyperspace routes around them.
I don't agree.

Why does it have to be something that the character has done or is on the cusp of doing? Why can't it be something that The Force has predicted they will do. This is Star Wars, think outside the box.

If two opposing Force users discover that, in the future, they will perfect a method for infusing normal people with Force Sensitivity (be it Midichlorians or some other tchotchke of plot device), both side would be desperate to possess that ability.

Or maybe they'll be the one to discover an improved hyperdrive, but, right now, they're just a simple botanist. Or, they'll develop a world-ending plague, or maybe a serum that makes everyone immune to the Jedi Mind Trick (or, worse, makes everyone susceptible to the JMT). Easiest case for the GM, the character is hunted for something they will do, but no one tells them, to try to ensure that they don't do it.

This gives more depth to the character, and gives the character the chance to reflect on their place in the universe. You don't have to start out as Reed Richards to be an interesting character.
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