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Default Re: Scientist in the Star Wars galaxy RPG build

Originally Posted by Mark Skarr View Post
The mating habits of the denobulan slime slug.

They have some striking similarities to Hutts. The ability to study such a creature is a blessing. You feel deeply honored that you were given this opportunity.

Just because you're a scientist doesn't mean that you're doing something terribly awesome. And humble beginnings make for good characters.
Actually it ought to be something with the potential to make the character a hunted person because only thus can you explain why it leaves its comfortable lab to get shot at. Now it could be something unexpected, like astrophysics research that could lead to a method for destabilizing suns.'s one with some adventure potential. You're studying hyperspace and managed to discover a method for plotting a safer course into parts of the galaxy that have historically been impenetrable barriers and have forced explorers to chart hyperspace routes around them.
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