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Default Non-Charted Space / Non-ISW to Third Imperium Settings

Who runs Traveller games in non-Charted Space / non-ISW to Third Imperium settings? What is your setting like?

Back in the early days of the LBBs, the first couple Traveller games I was in were generic "rolled" settings, where everything we found was pretty much rolled at the table. We started on a major high TL industrial world which had bases for all the services for our characters to retire/muster out from. From there it was random encounters and random star systems as we explored and traded our way around the unknown galaxy. I think the first game ended in a misjumped/lost ship, and the second game ended with us in prison from accidentally smuggling something onto a very high law level world and getting caught. The decision was made to retire our characters and start new ones playing a newly published adventure ... I can't remember if it was The Kinuir or Research Station Gamma.
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