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Default Re: The most efficient body type RE: fuel?

There was a glib comment in one of the ADQs regarding the space an item takes up, and that space does not equate purely to size.

As an example the extra magazine for an MG takes up a space, but the MG with a full magazine takes up... 1 space.

The poor ballistics (and high traverse) of GW guns implies that they are short barreled versions and the overall weapon system may actually be cuboid for all we know. The art in Uncle Als is fluff and time and time again we were officially told that it was not representative.

Ignore it as it will just make your brain bleed.

Incidentally the Engineering rule says it is for designing cars, but then there is no explanation on how you would actually use it. Mechanic at least has some hard rules attached to it, but even they are a little "custom" and look like rules from another game system co-opted in.

CW can be overly lite ;)
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