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Default Re: Lost in Dreams II (OCC)

Hm actually I may have been wrong to bring up EE, just noticed P160 singled out Clairsentience and Warp for not using EE if other rules already exist. Although I wouldn't see harm in stacking them (2 FP to double Clairsentience range, then apply EE rules and rolls to see if it is possible to do it further. +100% takes a -20 roll (is -1 to will roll per +5%) so that extra 1 FP wouldn't go too far. P161 "godlike extra effort" might increase that though, 10 FP would only make a -2 roll to get +100% range.

When you arrive in a new world, you receive a dream with hints
Sounds kinda sequential? Like you sleep 1 hour on world A, teleport to the new world B, sleep a 2nd hour on world B as your mind prepares to wander the world, then spend some time getting the vision, then wake up?

I guess that could cause a problem with lack of intel if something managed to wake you up the second you arrived.

I think since Link causes shared activation costs it would allow them to share the 1 hour prep time so that you could get your Clairsentient vision the second you got there.
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