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Default Re: Lost in Dreams II (OCC)

Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
Ah, so you were using Powers 102, now I know how to approach it... You total enhancements, apply that and create new total, then total limitations and apply them... So if it were rewrote it would be good to list enhancements first then limitations. So I'll math this out and see how it works. I figure you only used it for this power?
All but the simplest of powers use multiplicative modifiers. for example:

Jumper Enhancements (total +100%)
Jumper Limitations (total -170%)
Total: 30 points (OP still needs change from 40) does not use multiplicative modifiers.

Yes, without multiplicative its 30 points. With multiplicative its 40 points (200/5 because of the -80% cap), and I intentionally used it.

Clairsentience Enhancements (total +250%) changes 50 points to (multiply by 3.5) 175 points

But if I change this to 190% as you suggest.. 50 + 240% gives 170 points, div 5 is 34 points.
correct. Though I actually suggested changing the range to x5 million, keeping the numbers pentaphillic.

I should point out these are campaign advantages, and they don't have to come out of your point budget. They are essentially free.

Here's something else I'm wondering about... can these powers be used at the same time? They seem kinda mutually exclusive... like if you were spending 1 hour apiece to prep whilst sleeping, would you spend 2 hours to simultaneously ready both?
They are used at the same time all the time. There is some argument to be made that they should be linked. If you read any of the old threads, It will become immediately apparent. When you arrive in a new world, you receive a dream with hints about what's going on in this particular world.

Was wondering if maybe they might be modeled using the optional "Alternative Abilities" rule on powers page 11.
So no, its not a good model, because they absolutely get used at the same time. but its a nice thought.

The drawback to that approach is mutual neutralization, so paying full price for both as you have done means 1 can burn out without burning out the other. This could be important with stuff like fails on Extra Effort, which forces a check for crippling per P160. Alternate Abilities means EE fail on 1 could cripple both, full price means EE fail on 1 could only cripple what you were using but not the one you weren't using.
mutual neutralization might actually be a feature, not a bug. I've never seen any one use extra effort on the abilities though, and we've never seen a critical failure... interesting thought.
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