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Hellp guys i am new at this game.i play for about 2 weeks with my friends and i ve got some serious questions :) (first of all excuse me for my english,i am trying hard )

1)Can i play super munchkin twice? So,i can play 3 or 4 classes?

2)What about the "vegetarian Zombie"(1st deck) ? i have to win with my level.if i ask for help then the other one that helps me can "take" the power of his staff or we have to add our levels only to win this one?

3)Person A gets a monster that he can defeat but Person B,C add power to the monster.When is the right time to ask for help?When he starts the fight?or in the middle of the battle?

4)When is the right time to discard some cards
E.X Person A discards 1 card and he must give it to the lowest level player,so from now on the lowest level player have 6 cards.Now he has to discard one?or at the start of his turn?

5)i can'T understand the meaning of close or open cards.

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