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Default Re: wordbound NPCS and overdoing it

Originally Posted by Rocket Man View Post
An opposing Word will certainly draw its proper ire. But when beings on opposite sides of the War share a Word, the feedback can start to drive both of them crazy -- see the Archangel and Demon Prince of Fire, for an extreme example. Under those circumstances, "purifying" your Symphonic concept can be of the utmost importance.

That's the ultimate version of perverting a word, but I think it underscores the attitude. Patriotism vs. Jingoism wouldn't have the same automatic feedback, but I think there would be a similar need to protect your Word from pollution. Whether opposition or perversion, the key is to assess how badly the other Word can damage or transform your own. Once you know that, you'll know how extreme the response will be.

An Angel of Privateering? Hmmm, intriguing possibility. Are you thinking it would be Judgment (since it granted legal authority to act against another nation), War (since it allowed an opponent to even the score by quickly recruiting a navy), or The Wind (since it involved appropriating goods in a righteous cause)?

Hmmn the letters probaly under Judgement, but the act of privateering is probaly under the wind.

Oh the Angel of Patriotism is probaly a Malakim of the Sword and the demon of Jingoism is probaly a Habbahlite... Not sure if its under Factions or Baal

Oh another Thing? Who you think Halloween would be under?

Kobal? Nybass? Haagenti?Beleth? So many possibletys.

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