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It's not the same since the suggestion was for something like cards that the players have, but when I've taught the game over the last few years, I made it a point to hand every player photocopies of the back of the rulebook as the cheat sheet to use during the game, since I found it critical for players to have as a reference during play since it does contain what your students wanted - how to calculate the die roll, the Illuminati special goals, alignments and their opposites, actions available and a turn overview. The bonuses for distance from the Illuminati is a particularly forgettable rule I've found.

Do you think the most important pieces of info could be condensed to a card (or a few cards)? I'm a bit biased since I've taught the game so much and I do think everything on that reference page is vital for all of the players to have, but a condensed subset of rules that would work just as well would make it much easier to teach!
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