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Originally Posted by Magesmiley View Post
I keep looking at the cards and thinking about the alignments. And I'm starting to think the total removal of government takes away a significant identifier that groups a bunch of the cards together which are related.
I tend to agree that removing Government from the game entirely is a mistake. There are too many cards in the game that are part of the government, or government agencies, for it not to have any effect. And, as I mentioned before, removing Government puts Discordia at a disadvantage, since several high-power groups that were Government but not Straight can now attack them at will.

Originally Posted by Magesmiley View Post
Have the government modifier double the bonuses and penalties of other alignments if both cards have the government alignment.
This is an interesting idea. It also paves the way for other types and type bonuses to be introduced. See the old Illuminati PBM rulebook from Flying Buffalo for ideas.

This would make Government groups even more attractive to Cthulhu. High powered Government groups become efficient destroyers of Government groups with opposite alignments. In your example, if California tried to destroy Texas, it would get a +16 bonus. That is a lot of MB for others to throw in just to overcome the alignment bonuses.
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