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Default Re: wordbound NPCS and overdoing it

Originally Posted by PenitentDemon View Post
Ive noticed most Statted NPCS have only a few songs and skills even the powerful ones, any thoughts on that?
Something it has taken me a long time to understand as a GM is the concept of conservation of detail (or conservation of fiddly bits). Most published game stats, for any system and especially for simplified systems like In Nomine aren't anywhere near as complex as they could be, and this is a good thing. Sure the Angel of Textiles could have tons of specific esoteric skills involving cloth, Roles in every aspect of textile production and usage, and every song even vaguely related to her Word, but that really is just wasted detail (and wordcount) when the important thing is to that the Angel can fix the Shroud of Turin when the PCs bring it to her.
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