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Besides the one I'm sure will be included like Trump & Melania, Obama, Hillary (same pic but older), ISIS, SJW's, left- and rightwingers (deus vult), Boardgamers, ...
I'd like to see the following:

Instascammers - Cause we all enjoy showing our fake lives.
Youtubers -
Bee seeing you - Something about the disappearance of the bees, like the dolphins and with a Prisoner reference?
Tungston Weapon - One of the more "interesting" weapons of the future... Cause why not drop the heaviest metal down from space?!
Elon Musk - Cause he's more up to date than Bill Gates
Cellphone Games - They're everywhere
Political Correct - A card portraying the difficult moral and ethical questions we're surrounded with regarding race, sexes/gender, politics, religion, what's done and not done, etcetera

That's all for now... :L

Secretly I wish there was some way people could have "official custom expansions"... Though I do enjoy some of the ideas spewed from other fans I dread printing them out or using the disconnected card-art and text in the game. Even the (un)official expansion in some magazines just didn't... look the same. If there was a way to add cards (or perhaps vote for cards) that could get an official version that would be awesome. I could finally play the "the A-Team" or "High Tech Talking Car"-cards.
Though I realize the problems would lie in print and the sheer cost of making a "unique" card make this near impossible... Unless ofcourse it's done in bulk, crowdsourced/voted and kickstarted as the 100-card "Sheeple Expansion; the Cards some of you wanted" kickstarted as such to have the artist do his/her thing and the designers balancing the card. A man can dream...

Off-topic: Any place I can register so I get notified for the 2018 Illuminati kickstarter or what not?

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