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Even more excellent news for the GURPS community! On the heels of this year's successful print-on-demand titles *and* the well-received Dungeon Fantasy RPG boxed set, we now also have this announcement from Ronnke, the author of the unofficial GURPS ruleset for Fantasy Grounds:

"Ive had to keep this quiet for a long time, but can now finally announce it. For the past few months SJG has been looking at what weve been doing with the GURPS ruleset and they really like it. They have granted me permission to continue development which also includes features like automation. Probably even more exciting is, SJG will over the next couple of months monitor the interest in GURPS on Fantasy Grounds. If sufficient, they will look at officially licencing which means we may start seeing official GURPS content made available.

Look out for a Daily Illuminator article about it."

That's right, folks -- imagine a world where Fantasy Grounds has an official license for GURPS. It could happen! As awesome as the current fan ruleset is, this could allow it to be even better. And don't even get me started about the possibility of a licensed FG GURPS Basic Set (especially after creating four PCs last week and manually copying and pasting dozens of skill and trait descriptions to their sheets).

I have a few more thoughts about it in this week's Game Geekery post, but the bottom line is this: SJG needs to see how much of an actual GURPS community there is using Fantasy Grounds for their games. So if that's you, or someone you know, or you've always wanted to give it a try -- now is the time to stand up and be counted.

Run GURPS/FG games. Talk about them and spread the word. Post videos if you've got 'em. If we can show there's enough interest and enough of a market for it to be worth their while, official GURPS support for Fantasy Grounds could be on the horizon.

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