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Default Re: Another 2000 Things I Am No Longer Allowed To Do In An RPG

463) When a GM who is unfamiliar with the standard magic system makes tweaks for his game that incidentally make that system *much* more potent, I will inform them of how any why they just made Mages the uber-class of the campaign

464) When the GM in 463 ignores my warnings, I should not then play a character that leverages all of those unbalanced aspects to make a character that could take out most of the rest of the party with both hands tied behind his back

465) Apparently making highly effective characters with a single Achilles heel for balance is frowned upon because the GM gets bored of only using that one thing over and over again.

466) I am no longer allowed to take TK with a high TK talent to make a small, unimposing character that can wipe the floor with most hulking brutes, with a point budget that was intended to limit the party to novice power levels.

467) I am no longer allowed to take levels of TK with extended range(50 yds) combined with a high Karate parry(12) and then proceed to parry practically all small-arms fire directed at the parry by anything less than overwhelming odds. Adding compartmentalized mind(TK only) does not make it better.

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