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Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Probably not. I don't know what a discord is, and I don't see a way to take a look without joining. I'm averse to joining online things (one more password to come up with) and I'm especially averse to ones that don't let me see what they offer if I don't join.
Well, this probably won't result in you changing your mind, but Discord is a system similar to IRC and other chat systems (while it supports voice, IME almost everybody uses text-only communication on all the servers I've been to, surely because it's more efficient in those contexts). The server maintains long-term persistent logs of the text chats, but it's still a somewhat different experience than a forum - potentially more time-efficient for quick back-and-forths, but unthreaded as a result in generally operating with a relatively stable number of channels per server (each dedicated to a given subtopic).
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Also, GURPS Discord is a nice place for (faster) Q&A and overall GURPS dicussion.
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