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The short definition of Avatar from Mage 2nd edition is on page 8. An Avatar is a soul and part of the Pure Ones. An Awakened avatar allows one to use magic. Pages 31-35 discuss Avatars, including technomancer Avatars.

Pages 43-46 of Mage 20th discuss the Avatar, much like the 2nd edition material.

Since Mage is concerned with people with Awakened Avatars, one need not worry about those who just have a spirit. The Avatar could be a second spirit, or just a part of a mage's spirit that has a different consciousness than the rest. Avatars are for humans who can become mages. Vampires and werewolves and changelings and all the other creatures that go bump in the night don't have avatars per se, but do have some kind of spirit. Mage is not the type of game to give you a clear answer on big metaphysical things, so just worry about the effects you want and let the nature of the Avatar be what works for you.

If you're talking about suppressing a Sleeper's ability to Awaken, you have many methods. Mostly the Technocracy keeps people distracted and tired. You can't awaken if all you want to do is to go home after a long day of work and watch some reality TV.

Turning people into living talismans that can accept extra Prime probably requires at least Prime 3, which is the level needed to channel Prime. Though Soulflowers are a Prime 5 effect. . .

The Technocracy understands Avatars as Genius, but tries not to discuss it. Essentially, the Technocracy knows that those with will and focus can do things ordinary people cannot, but they try and view it in the form of science.
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